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SCP Dystopia: Redefined – 2023.1.0


Credits & Licensing (MUST READ if you are making a map, or going to redistribute this addon)


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Feature Highlights

Woohoo, a long-awaited remake of SCP: Dystopia, a Minecraft SCP addon for bedrock edition, is finally here!
In this section, we will highlight some of the best features in this release.


It’s an SCP addon, which means SCPs are the most important things in this addon.
We focused on redefining SCPs from previous SCP: Dystopia. Mob behaviors are not perfect, but we will improve it in the future.

Also, it’s very fun to watch them fight against Foundation forces!!

Construction Blocks

Same as our old addons, we are mainly focusing on supporting passionate map creators.
For that reason, you already have a lot of construction blocks in this release.

Enjoy making facilities! 😉

Doors & Other 3D Blocks

If you have ever used previous SCP: Dystopia, you may have noticed that many 3D blocks were broken.
But don’t worry, in Redefined, 3D blocks are back!
However, since Mojang limited the maximum 3D block size, it’s not possible to make something big like a blast door. So, in the future, we may be adding them as an entity.

Safe & Flexible

It’s not really a feature. But it’s one of the best things in this addon.
Why SCP Dystopia: Redefined is flexible:

  • No vanilla feature override.
    It means you are 98% safe to use this addon together with other addons.
    Unless other addons override vanilla features (or our features) excessively…
  • ID prefix.
    All of items, entities, blocks, and even file entries in SCP Dystopia: Redefined have a prefix such as dtr_ and cst_.
    It’s less likely to be overridden by other addons.
  • Separated behavior packs.
    You might wonder “why they are separated??”, but there’s a big reason, that is the scalability. If we wanted to add something that doesn’t interdepend with Base Pack, we can add it in a separated and clean structure. Also, users (you) can just remove it from your world if you don’t need it.

If you want a lot of SCPs right now…

There is another SCP addon called SCP: Classified, which contains 60+ wiki-accurate SCPs.
It’s not our addon, but we recommend using it if you want A LOT of SCPs right now.