Hello and welcome! I’m Lucked Coronet, owner of this website and lead creator of LC Studio (also known as LC Studios MC). You can call me LC.

LC Studio is not exactly “studio”, as I’m the only real active member. No plan to change the name.

What are we doing?

We make these types of digital contents:

  • Minecraft add-ons
  • Minecraft maps
  • Games (occasionally)
Minecraft skin of LC

Most of our contents are inherited from (or inspired by) SCP Foundation and its fan games (such as SCP – Containment Breach).

The SCP Foundation is an organization whose goal is to Secure, Contain, and Protect anomalies around the world.

It fits well in the open-world sandbox games like Minecraft.

We share our contents in our YouTube channel.


  • Blog (Mainly used as primary location to publish our contents)
  • MCPEDL (Download pages of our Minecraft add-ons and maps)
  • YouTube channel
  • itch.io (Download computer games I’ve made in the past)

I hope you enjoy our contents! 😊