Who are we?

You can call us LC Studio, LC Studios, or LC Studios MC.
In most cases, the studio leader, Lucked Coronet (or LC) is working alone. It’s me, I wrote this page.

Sometimes we work together with my friends, but less than three members.

What are we doing?

We are hobbyist. We mainly work on creating Minecraft Bedrock maps and addons. Most of our contents are based on the story of SCP Foundation.

These images are from our previous contents:

SCP Foundation Universe – Map
SCP: Dystopia – Addon

Recently, we are considering to focusing on Java Edition maps 😏
We’re working on remake of SCP: Dystopia addon. Its name is SCP Dystopia: Redefined!! It comes with some cool doors!

Not only Minecraft contents!

Lucked Coronet (me) is also a game developer!
These are images from my previous games:

SCP: Lost in Underground – v0.2
SCP: Lost in Underground – v0.2

I hope you enjoy our contents! ❤️

Links to those are here.