Hello and welcome! I’m Lucked Coronet, owner of this website and lead creator at LC Studio (also known as LC Studios MC). You can call me LC.

LC Studio is not exactly “studio”, because in most cases, I’m the only active member. There’s currently no plan to change the name.

What we do

Minecraft Addons

If you are following us, you probably know what we make. Yes, we make Minecraft Addons!

(in here, “addon” refers to an add-on for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition)

Our most honored projects are the SCP-themed/inspired addons.

(Spoiler) What is SCP and SCP Foundation

SCP Foundation is a popular website/community where various members write fictional stories. When we say “SCP”, it typically refers to a stories on SCP Foundation.

Here is our most downloaded addon, SCP: Dystopia!

Unfortunately, SCP: Dystopia is quite broken due to Minecraft updates over the past years. 😓It’s almost impossible to use it without experiencing bugs, especially when it comes to blocks.

However, we’re currently working on some new projects by learning from mistakes we’ve made in our older addons!

Currently in active development – SCP: Security Systems 🖥️

SCP: Security Systems addon focuses on adding popular facility security systems in SCP universe.

We’re currently developing SCP: Security Systems 3.0. At the time when I wrote this page, this addon isn’t very feature-rich and user-friendly, but we are doing our best to improve this addon to meet your expectations! 💪

If you are interested in our projects, make sure to check our YouTube channel!

Thank you for reading! ❤️