What is this page?

This page has some survival mode tips of SCPDT:R with screenshots.
Good luck with your survival journey! 👍

SCP Foundation Workbench is not required for crafting!!

As new Minecraft limited the customizability to add custom crafting table, you don’t need SCP Foundation Workbench to craft SCPDT:R items!

However, you need to craft SCP Foundation Workbench at least once in order to unlock SCPDT:R recipes.

What to do in survival mode??

There is no objective. But I can give you a challenge.
How about creating SCP facilities? It should be fun especially when playing with friends.

Dystopia Token

Dystopian Tokens are an essential ingredient when crafting SCPDT:R items.
They are commonly generated underground.

How to craft SCP Foundation Workbench

In SCP Dystopia: Redefined, there is a special crafting table named SCP Foundation Workbench.
By using SCP Foundation Workbench, you can craft some items from SCPDT:R.

To craft SCP Foundation Workbench, you need to find Dystopia Tokens.

You can combine 8 Dystopia Tokens and a vanilla crafting table to craft an SCP Foundation Workbench.

How to obtain Anomaly Piece and Anomaly Sphere

To obtain Anomaly Piece, you have to kill a naturally spawning SCP (such as SCP-939).
Dangerous SCPs drop more Anomaly Pieces.

That black item is the Anomaly Piece.

By combining 5 Anomaly Pieces and 4 Dystopia Tokens by using SCP Foundation Workbench, you can craft Anomaly Sphere.

How to craft Essence of SCP

You have crafted Anomaly Sphere.
You can now combine 9 Anomaly Spheres to craft Essense of SCP.

How to craft SCP Token

All SCPs in SCPDT:R has its own SCP Token.

SCP tokens

To craft SCP Token, use an SCP Foundation Workbench, and combine Essense of SCP and the required materials.

The required materials vary depending on each SCP.

How to craft SCP document

You can combine SCP Token and a Blank Document (can be crafted from research papers and a Dystopia Token) to craft SCP document of the SCP you want.

How to use SCP document to generate a facility

1. Use SCP document

*1 Hold the document.
*2 Make sure to stand in the center of the block.

2. Check the preview entity

*1 Interact the entity to confirm and create the build. Kill (punch) to cancel.
*2 That small box shows you where the facility’s entrance door will be.

3. Interact the preview entity and confirm the build. Done!

Enjoy! 😉

Small abandoned facilities

Small abandoned facilities are commonly generated around the overworld.
Some of them contain good loots…

Most SCP Foundation facilities has been destroyed by hostile forces.

Big abandoned facilities

Big abandoned facilities are rarely generated in overworld.
Be careful. Dangerous SCPs live inside. But, it means it has some good loots inside.

You are really lucky if you found one of them…