We have 3 things to tell you about the installation.
First, behavior packs are separated (For example, Base Pack for base features, Construction Pack for construction blocks).
Second, behavior packs do not come with the Resources pack.
Third, they have no dependency settings, which means that, you have to add them to your world, individually.

They are separated for the scalability.

How to install a pack

  1. Click a link above and download the pack you need.
  2. Open the .mcpack or .mcaddon file you just downloaded.
  3. The pack should be installed to your Minecraft.

Experiments Toggle Required

Please enable these experiments in order to load a world with SCP Dystopia: Redefined:

  • Holiday Creator Features
  • Custom biomes
  • Upcoming Creator Features
  • Beta APIs
  • Molang Features
  • Experimental Cameras