More Dungeons (Now Pre-Release)

Add this add-on to your world, generate dungeons designed by LC Studios.

You can find naturally spawn ‘more’ dungeons.


– Pre-Release

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Broken House

Broken House 1

Most likely to be found. The chest inside the house contains items a little useful

Structure ID: mystructure:broken_house1


– Broken House 2

It is a broken house without a ceiling. You can get diamond helmet and sword (verge of breaking)

Structure ID: mystructure:broken_house2


Creeper Dungeon

Normal Creeper Dungeon

Found only in plain biome. There is a little treasure inside dungeon

Structure ID: mystructure:creeper_dungeon


– Creeper Dungeon (Desert)

Found in mesa or warm or desert biomes. Contains good treasure

Structure ID: mystructure:creeper_dungeon_desert


Pillager Base

Pillager Base 1

Found in all biomes. Villager are captured by Pillager and the chest contains treasure

Structure ID: mystructure:pillagerbase1


Pillager Fortress

– Pillager Fortress 1

Found in mesa and warm and desert biomes (very rare)

There are a lot of Pillagers inside. Recommend that you attack after you are ready.



  • Ravager is kept by Pillager

In floor 1:

  • Villagers are captured
  • Weapons are placed

In floor 2:

  • Many Pillagers
  • Boss Pillager


Structure ID: mystructure:pillager_fortress1