I’ve been working on a project with Unity HDRP, a high-definition thing.And I don’t recommend Making a game with high graphics is difficult. Especially for solo developer.I’m a solo developer. I’m not expert on graphics and high-poly models. And I gave up on Unity HDRP. I […]
The best thing in browser game is that it’s not platform dependent. If you build a game for Windows, it can only be played in Windows. If you build a game for Android, it can only be played in Android. Modern game engines can build game […]
Hello everyone! I’ve just updated the website. Because I didn’t like old one and it wasn’t suitable for my future development. Anyways, I hope you like new one 🙂 From now on, I will make my blog a place to post what I learn during development. […]
You can download SCP: Dystopia addon for Minecraft Bedrock Edition.