You are currently viewing SCP: Security Systems – 2.0.0 (Minecraft 1.20.50)

SCP: Security Systems – 2.0.0 (Minecraft 1.20.50)


SCP: Security Systems (hereafter SCP:SS) is an update for SCP Doors add-on.
This Minecraft add-on comes with several features to enhance your SCP maps.

Existing features since SCP Doors add-on 1.1.0:

  • Doors (9 in total)
  • Button
  • Key Card Reader
  • Key Items
  • Keypad

New Feature #1 – CCTV System

This fully functional CCTV System makes your map more immersive.
It’s fun to watch dangerous places from safe room! 🙂

New Feature #2 – Tesla Gate

When active, Tesla Gate attacks anyone who tries to pass it through, with tesla coil shock.
Damage is very big! ⚡

Download SCP:SS 2.0.0

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