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SCP Dystopia: Redefined – 2023.2.0


Do not forget to turn on all experiments in your world!

Credits & Licensing

Survival Tips

Feature Highlights


5 normal and 2 special guns has been added to SCPDT:R. You can now make proper armory room in your map!
Also, they are no longer slow-firing like the old SCP: Dystopia addon.

Combat AI for mobs

The human mobs (Class-D, Scientist, MTF, etc.) can now pick up dropped weapons and use it in combat. This new mechanics makes roleplay and mob fights much more interesting.

More 3D blocks

Many 3D blocks has been added for facility decorations!

SCP-939 Boss

Fighting SCP-939 boss with the Double Barreled Shotgun is fun!

Big Thanks

  • Golden Bon – For making 3D models of: V-22 Osprey
  • Chameleon1804 – For making 3D models of: SCP-049 and SCP-682
  • LLAMA BLA BLO – For making some gun models!
  • BlaringBadge607 – For helping me with making facilities and textures!
  • You – For coming to this page, and if you are playing my addons!