I’ve been working on a project with Unity HDRP, a high-definition thing.
And I don’t recommend

Making a game with high graphics is difficult. Especially for solo developer.
I’m a solo developer. I’m not expert on graphics and high-poly models.

And I gave up on Unity HDRP. I moved to more lightweight option, URP.
I’ll tell you why I don’t recommend HDRP. I use Unity but I’m sure it applies on every game developer.

  • Both you and players need good hardware.
    Making a high-graphics game means your hardware must be good. And players will also need a good hardware if you don’t make a good balance between graphics and performance.
  • Optimization is must.
    While modern computers are normal, there are still old computers. Most of them doesn’t good at rendering a high-graphics games.
  • Fit downloaded AAA environment and your models.
    It’s very hard to match downloaded AAA 3D models and your own 3D model.

I hope this helped you.



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